Data Centre Cleaning

Data center is one of the most important compartments in the building for a business in data storage and processing. Cleanliness is vital for the intricate equipment to reduce long term maintenance costs, lower the risk of equipment malfunction and increase the lifespan of hardware. To ensure the proper functioning of servers in the data center, comprehensive and highly-specialized cleaning and decontamination methods are required on all surfaces, including ooring, system cabinets, sub-floor voids, ductwork, raised oor airow panels and other dust catching surfaces.

How Is Data Centre Cleaning Performed

Pre-cleaning Preparation

  • Walkthrough Inspection
  • Signage Installation
  • Suboor Plenum Robotic Inspection
  • Particle Count Measurement


Subfloor Cleaning

  • Tiles removal <10% at a time 
  • Careful vacuuming around cable bundles, base columns, and walls


Raised Floor Surface Cleaning

  • Vacuuming dusts from all accessible surfaces with HEPA filter
  • Decontamination with certified anti-static cleaner


Exterior Equipment Surface & General Surface Cleaning

  • Vacuuming with HEPA Filter 
  • Decontamination with certified anti-static cleaner


Airborne Particulate Count Test

  • Area divided into test grids
  • A minimum of 1 sample was taken at the center of each grid according to ISO 14644


  1. Zinc Whisker Prevention
  2. System Malfunction Prevention
  3. Lowering Maintenance Cost
  4. Increasing Hardware Lifespan
  5. Compliance to Guideline
  6. Worry-Free, Efficient Services