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about us

About Us

ENVIRO group asia

Enviro Group Asia is comprised of highly qualified companies in providing safety, greater living environment and innovative hygiene solutions for your indoor spaces. Through the several years of fruitful experience, we have been favoured as specialist and occupational consultants of environmental conditions seeking for improvement and sustainability.
From carpets to aeration of your indoor spaces, we are here to help you maintaining their cleanliness ensuring your safety and a good health for your beloved people.

About us

Our Strengths

  • One stop centre
  • More than 15 years of industry knowledge
  • Built trust and a credible name throughout the years
  • Adhere to highest professional and ethical standards
  • Highly efficient,cost effective
  • Leadership in product innovation
  • Certified & qualified to improving Indoor engineering and air quality management

Our Journey

To establish Enviro Group as the premier service provider of Integrated Environmental Engineering Solutions in Malaysia and throughout Asia while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow. To provide safe, effective and environmentally sound solutions to a wide range of common health problems caused by ineffective indoor environmental and bacteriological controls.

Our Foresight

Sustain the development of our 360° solutions for all indoor environmental concerns continuously that will facilitate the satisfaction of the customer’s needs of cleaner indoor air environment, enhance its professionalism and enable it to move towards a state of continuous improvement.