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Well dedicated to a very specific mission and prospective of allocating its entire focus and resources to one purpose - Indoor Environmental Quality Consulting (“IEQ”), Environmental Industrial Hygiene (“EIH”) & Indoor Environmental Engineering Solutions., ENVIROVERKS has been established in 2005 by an entrepreneur full of energy and belief that we have to save our living environment for a better and healthier life.

Boosted by his contagious energy, the company grew from providing Consultancy Services, Environmental Testing to full Turnkey Projects Solutions to offering the highest standards of professional services, a quality product range, and a focus on customer care and client satisfaction at all times.

Our Mission

To establish Enviroverks as the premier service provider of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) management in Malaysia while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow. To provide safe, effective and environmentally sound solutions to a wide range of common health problems caused by ineffective indoor environmental and bacteriological controls.

Our Vision

We inculcate a Total Indoor Environmental Quality (TIEQ) consultation that will facilitate the satisfaction of the customer’s needs of cleaner indoor air environment, enhance its professionalism and enable it to move towards a state of continuous improvement.

Our Services



Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Air seems to be an abstract element and yet it is vital for the survival of all living organisms. In fact, studies have shown that indoor air quality can have impact on not only the people’s health, but also the productivity during work. A good indoor air quality can keep building-related condition such as the Sick Building Syndrome at bay.


Water Quality Assessment

Even when the water flowing from tap or dispenser looks clear, there might be various pollutants present in a quantity exceeding the permissible level as a result of contamination and lack of maintenance for water filter and piping system. Regular inspection ensure a clean continuous source of water for everyone.


Microbial Testing

Microbes such as bacteria and fungi are invisible to naked eyes and yet the impact of these tiny organisms on people’s health can be adverse. As it is unavoidable to have microbes on the furniture surface or in the air, having the quantity and species of microbes in check can prevent negative health effects of microbes on people.


Chemical Exposure Monitoring

People are always exposed under various elements present in the surrounding through respiration, ingestion or skin contact especially in an enclosed environment. The level of chemicals or dusts in the environment should be monitor from time to time to ensure a safe and healthy condition which is beneficial for well-being of the people.


Mechanical Ventilation & Air Conditioning Inspection(RoboticDuct)

Above the ceiling or below the ground, there lies a network of mechanical ventilation & air conditioning system which sends clean and cooled air throughout the building. Even though the system is hidden within the building structure, the condition of this extensive ducting can determine the quality of air people inhale.


Mechanical Ventilation & Air Conditioning Remediation & Maintenance (AHU)

Air Handling Unit is the breathing lung of the building, which distributes filtered cooled supply air throughout the mechanical ventilation & air conditioning system and admits return air from the building. A well-maintained air handling unit ensures a good air quality with optimum thermal comfort for the building occupants.


Building Diagnostics

New or old, the condition of building can directly affect our well-being as we spend 90% of our time inside the building. From ceiling to flooring, each aspect can be inspected for commissioning, monitoring and investigating purposes to ensure an optimum building performance which can lead to a comfortable and productive working environment.


Lighting Assessment

Light is a form of energy that gives us the sense of vision that a good lighting setting is important for people’s visual comfort throughout the day especially in a working condition where facing light-emitting devices such as computer is needed. Whether it is natural or artificial lighting, an assessment can be done so that the optimum lighting is designed of the optimum productivity.


Local Exhaust Ventilation

Testing By investigating the background level of chemicals might not be sufficient to determine the risk posed by these chemicals towards the health of people who are frequently exposed. Each chemical will have different health effects on people at different dosage and different exposure path, thus a thorough assessment is advisable.


Stack Emission Monitoring

Monitoring the stack emission of a factory does not only ensure that the emission is compliant to governmental regulation, but can also examine the functionality of mitigation device installed to remove the pollutants in the emission so that the air pollutants released into the ambient air does not affect the environment.


Biological Decontamination& Sanitization

Microbes such as bacteria and fungi thrive when the environment is humid. Thus, decontamination and sanitization using EPA-certified non-toxic products should be done as a preventive measure or solution to control the population of microbes in the air, on the ceiling and on the furniture surface to ensure 100% protection towards infestation of microbes.


Kitchen Exhaust System Degreasing

A poorly maintained kitchen exhaust duct is one of the causes of fire outbreak in the kitchen as the accumulated grease in the ducting system provides fuel for the spread of flames. It is advisable to have the kitchen exhaust duct serviced as a fire prevention besides ensuring the hygiene of the food preparing process.


Robotic Air Ventilation Duct Cleaning & Restoration :

Hidden from people’s view, the maintenance of mechanical ventilation & air conditioning system and air handling unit is easily neglected which can lead to poor air quality within the building. A remediation of once every 6 months is needed to prolong the lifespan of the system besides guaranteeing clean air for building occupants



With InteliAQ, Breathe Easily and Live Freely!

Protect your loved ones from allergens and toxins. Work in peace and breathe with ease knowing the air around you is safe and healthy with InteliAQ envirointel – the world’s most advanced indoor air quality sensor.

Enhance safety
Increase revenue
Become more sustainable
Become blueer
Improve productivity
Better Air Matters

InteliAQ tracks nine air quality factors that affect your health and well-being.

Carbon Dioxide
Particulate Matter (PM2.5)
Nitrogen Dioxide
Airborne Chemicals / VOC
Carbon Monoxide
Air Pressure



Our assays can be used for quantifying fungi or bacteria in a wide range of sample matrices including surfaces, air, water, porous materials, particles, and slurries. Assays for quantifying fungal biomass are named Mycometer. Assays for quantifying bacteria are named Bactiquant. Our assays contain all consumables needed for sampling and analysis.

Why using MyCometer?
  • It has been tested daily for more than 15 years by consultants and contractors in tens of thousands of mould remediation projects.
  • Verified by US-EPA (US-Environmental Protection Agency)
  • One Instrument – Multi Purpose
  • Rapid & Reliable Test Results
  • ASHRAE Innovation Award Recipient

Mycometer Surface :- MOULD ON SURFACES

The Mycometer-surface product quantifies fungal biomass on surfaces. It is used for numerous purposes e.g. quantifying mould on indoor surfaces, testing biostatic efficacy of surface coatings and can also be used to measure fungal growth inside porous materials or on the surface of particles.

Mycometer Air :- MOULD IN SURFACES

The Mycometer-air product is used for quantifying the level of fungal particles: spores, hyphal fragments, micro fragments. Main use is initial diagnostic assessment and rapid remediation clearance.

The bactiquant Surface :- BACTERIA ON SURFACES

The Bactiquant-surface product is used for quantifying the level of bacteria on surfaces. It has been developed for testing the bacterial contamination on surfaces after flooding, sewage backflow, and leaking sewage systems. It is a tool for documenting bacterial contamination and documenting successful cleaning.


The BioProtect 500 is an outstanding surface protectant with its active ingredient ORGANOSILANE which helps you to:

Boost your reputation for hygiene & provides a powerful marketing tool by using leading-edge technologies for the benefit of your guests
Significantly improve Indoor Air Quality; especially helpful for guests who suffer from flu and asmtha
Reduce risk of cross-contamination caused by microbes, bacteria, molds and disease carrying microorganisms
Eliminate odors caused by bacterial growt
Reduce "Sick building Syndrome" (SBS) symptoms on guests
Application warranty up to months



We spend an around 90% of our time indoor. The more people are educated about indoor air pollution and its solutions, the healthier our world will be. Indoor air today contains many synthetic chemicals and pollutants that did not exist 10 to 15 years ago. Just as we’ve taken measures to ensure the water we are drinking is free from contaminants, we should also be concerned about the air we inhale. For more than 30 years, HealthWay has provided the most effective technology to improve indoor air quality. Our innovations are used worldwide for various applications, from medical facilities and clean rooms to residences, hotels and cruise ships. We are committed as the leader in indoor environmental solutions to ensure the most pristine air for our customers

Patented Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS)
High Disinfection Rate
Guaranteed Better Than HEPA Efficiency
FDA Listed Class II Medical Device
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